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Impulse Heat sealer - 500mm (20") - 500

Impulse Heat sealer - 500mm (20") - 500
Product Code: m-351
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* Impulse Heat Sealer:


Description:  These heat sealers are ideal for low volume bag sealing and for widths up to 500 mm wide. They are impulse sealers that apply heat via the element wire for only a second before the mechanism begins to cool the seal. The heat sealer has an adjustable timer.

Recommended for two layers of film, each up to 150 micron (600 gauge) thick.

With these heat sealers you can create a bag in 3 easy steps: 1. Push the sealing arm down. 2. Hold down 3. Release the arm when sealing is complete.

Sealing Size: 500mm (20")

Does it have a Cutter? No

Power consumption: 850W         

  • Available from stock
  • Use in conjunction with layflat tubing to produce sealed custom bags

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