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Postal Poster Tubes (63.5 x 813mm) 2.5" x 32" + End caps

Postal Poster Tubes (63.5 x 813mm) 2.5" x 32" + End caps
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Description:  High quality spiral wound postal tubes for a wide variety of end uses. All are produced from top quality recycled materials, and then kraft finished.  Postal tubes are:

Size: (63.5 x 813mm) 2.5" x 32"

        (diameter x length)

Thickness of tube wall: 1.5mm

Colour: brown

Usage: For transportation of important documents, posters and prints without damaging them.  Particularly useful within the postal system because of their relatively lightweight strong structure nature.


  • Versatile: for posting any item that can be rolled, such as charts, maps and posters.
  • Secure: manufactured from spiral wound board and supplied with plastic end caps. These reduce the length of the postal tube by 15 mm at each end.

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