16oz Black Ripple Disposable Paper Coffee Cups




Description:  Our best insulating cup, a heat transfer rate that keeps the coffee hotter for 15% longer, whilst remaining cool enough to hold comfortably.

16oz Double Wall Ripple Cups really do have a quality feel to them and quite simply look great.

Made with paper from a fully sustainable forest. Ensuring that all paper materials used are fully renewable. We would encourage you, as our customer to recycle your disposable paper cups when possible.

16oz Double Wall Ripple Cups are the perfect drinks cup for any hot beverages. The ripples help to keep the drinks inside warm while the drinker’s hand remains cool making 12oz Double Wall Ripple Cups the ideal cup for coffee, tea or any other hot beverages. 16oz Double Wall Ripple Cups are a practical and economical option that any coffee vendor would love.

Size: 16oz (90mm x 134mm)

Thickness: Double wall Ripple Cup

Colour: Black outside, white inside


Additional information

Weight33.95 kg

500 Cups (1 Box), 1000 Cups (2 Boxes), 1500 Cups (3 Boxes), 3000 Cups (6 Boxes), 5000 Cups (10 Boxes), 15000 Cups (30 Boxes), 30000 Cups (60 Boxes)


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