A0 Postal Poster Tubes (50.8 x 940mm) 2″ x 37″ + End caps




Description:??High quality spiral wound postal tubes for a wide variety of end uses. All are produced from top quality recycled materials, and then kraft finished.? Postal tubes are:

Size: (50.8 x 940mm) 2″ x 37″???? (A0)

??????? (diameter x length)

Thickness of tube wall: 1.5mm

Colour: brown

Usage: For transportation of important documents, posters and prints without damaging them.? Particularly useful within the postal system because of their relatively lightweight strong structure nature.


  • Versatile: for posting any item that can be rolled, such as charts, maps and posters.
  • Secure: manufactured from spiral wound board and supplied with plastic end caps. These reduce the length of the postal tube by approx. 15 mm at each end.

Additional information

Weight14.35 kg

10 Tubes, 25 Tubes, 50 Tubes, 100 Tubes, 250 Tubes, 500 Tubes, 1000 Tubes


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