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Book Wrap Mailers (Amazon Style) – 410 x 320 x 0-100mm – C5




Description: These book wraps are manufactured from corrugated cardboard to provide cushioning in transit for books and other media, book wrap mailers are becoming a firm favourite among ecommerce retailers as a low-cost alternative to envelopes or boxes. There are variable depth creases for snug impact protection, no need for costly voidfill or tape. All of our book wraps are also 100% recyclable.

Size (Internal): 410mm x 320mm x 0mm-100mm

Colour: Brown

Closure: Peel ‘n’ Seal for closure & Tear Off strip for opening

Usage: These bookwraps, are great for large format books, toys, puzzles, giftsets, picture frames, photo albums, electronics and more


Additional information

Weight29.99 kg

25 Book Wraps, 50 Book Wraps, 100 Book Wraps, 200 Book Wraps, 500 Book Wraps, 800 Book Wraps (1/2 Pallet), 1600 Book Wraps (1 Pallet)


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