PVC Premium Electrical Insulation Tape – 19mm x 20m – WHITE




Description:? A high quality PVC Insulation Tape.? Flame retardant, moisture and UV resistant. Manufactured to BS EN 60454-3 standards.? This general purpose electrical tape can be used for insulation, protection and harnessing of wires and cables

Size: ?19mm x 20M

Colour: ?White



Additional information

Weight8.95 kg

1 roll, 10 rolls (1 Pack), 20 rolls (2 Packs), 50 rolls (5 Packs), 100 rolls (10 Packs), 250 Rolls (1 Box), 500 Rolls (2 Boxes), 1250 Rolls (5 Boxes), 2500 Rolls (10 Boxes)


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