Sanisafe 4c Coronavirus Strains Food Safe Surface Antiviral Anti Bacterial...




Product: Sanisafe 4c wipes kills bacteria & viruses across a broad spectrum, prevents cross contamination. Suitable for food preparation and healthcare areas where hygiene is paramount. Supplied in a flexible wipe clean packet with an open and close pull out easy to dispense packet.

Quantity: Pack of 100 wipes.

Colour: White

Pack outer may vary with stock from that shown in pictures

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

1 Packet (100 wipes approx.), 2 Packets (200 wipes approx.), 3 Packets (300 wipes approx.), 5 Packets (500 wipes approx.), 10 Packets (1000 wipes approx.), 20 Packets (2000 wipes approx.), 50 Packets (5000 wipes approx.), 100 Packets (10,000 wipes approx.)


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