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Self Adhesive Paper Kraft Tape – 48mm x 50m




Description: Self-adhesive paper kraft sealing tape is a popular alternative to gummed paper tape as it requires no water yet offers the same outcome, by sticking to all carton surfaces. It has high elasticity; very high tear resistance once applied and is typically used for sealing boxes, envelopes, packages and picture framing as well as a range of other applications. One of the key differences between acrylic kraft paper tape and solvent based self-adhesive paper kraft packaging tape is that solvent sticks to itself, making it ideal for a range of applications, it also performs better at extreme temperatures. This is a great enviro-friendly alternative to plastic tape. It is favoured by those who are looking for strong tape to secure their goods, all the while with the environment in mind.SOLVENT ADHESIVE – TAPE STICKS TO ITSELF WHEN LOOP SEALING BOXES

Size : 48mm x 50M

Colour: Brown

Usage: &nbsSealing cardboard cartons/boxes, picture framing

(1 Box 36 Rolls)

Additional information

Weight 7.98 kg

6 rolls, 12 rolls, 36 rolls (1 Box), 72 rolls (2 Boxes), 180 rolls (5 Boxes), 360 rolls (10 Boxes), 720 Rolls (20 Boxes), 2160 Rolls (1/2 Pallet), 4320 Rolls (1 Pallet)


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