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Tape Gun 2" (50mm) Pistol Grip Carton Sealer Dispenser - HEAVY DUTY QUALITY - HPG50B

Tape Gun 2" (50mm) Pistol Grip Carton Sealer Dispenser - HEAVY DUTY QUALITY - HPG50B
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Description: Heavy Duty Quality Pistol Grip design for hand held box sealing with an adjustable tape brake, and retractable blade.

Size: Designed to take 50mm (2") width tape. Suitable for 66mtr and 132mtr length rolls. Spindle accepts a 75mm core roll of tape

Usage: Sealing boxes, general packing.

(Review: " body is made from thick pressed metal - so no flexing (unlike plastic ones). The other parts are made from heavy duty plastics. All of the parts are either screwed or bolted together for easy disassembly and cleaning. The tape stays firmly on the drum in use (no sliding off). There is a tension screw on the tape drum spindle so you can adjust the speed the tape comes out (due to tape thickness or the adhesive used on it). The cutter teeth have a plastic guard on them (the teeth are so sharp) which needs to be flipped out of the way before use. One final thing that is easy to miss: the handle has an ergonomic pistol grip shape, so is only really comfortable for right hand use.ure)


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