3M ‘General Purpose’ Scotch 101e Masking Tape 2″ (48mmx50m) – former 2214




Description:  101E Masking Tape is a smooth, multi-purpose crepe paper tape. Chamois colour, rubber adhesive, thickness 0,12mm, this tape is designed for general use (temporary hold, masking painting without cooking …)

The cost-effective general purpose value masking tape for room temperature indoor light-duty applications is a chamois-coloured, 0.12 mm thick adhesive tape with rubber adhesive for general applications (temporary attachment, masking for painting without burning, etc.). It provides conformability on irregular surfaces and around corners and is hand tearable for easy use

  • Suitable for a wide range of professional applications
  • For indoor use
  • For light-duty applications
  • Ideal for cropping, temporary mooring, packaging and tying
  • Easy to write on for labelling

Suggested Applications

  • General purpose short-term room temperature paint applications
  • Light-duty applications
  • Masking for joint sealing applications
  • Use for temporary fixing, attaching or holding
  • Label marking

Size: 48mm x 50M

Usage: Ideal for paint masking, but also bundling, sealing, attaching or even labelling etc.

Additional information

Weight3.45 kg

1 roll, 6 rolls, 24 rolls (1 box), 48 rolls (2 boxes), 120 rolls (5 boxes), 240 rolls (10 boxes), 1728 rolls (72 boxes)


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