BROWN Paper Bags SOS block bottom 7″x8.5″+3.5″ (180mm x 210mm + 80mm) – SMALL




Description: Overall, a kraft paper brown SOS block bottom bag ideal for customers to take their goods away with them. An environmental way of providing a green image compared to a plastic alternative.

Flat tape handles attached to the bags. Flat block bottom suited for boxes and other containers including food containers.

As these bags are made from recycled paper, they are not as strong as pure kraft paper bags. Bags are suitable for food use.

These bags are commonly used in cafes, take away outlets, catering outlets and other retail stores.

Size (approx.): 7″x8.5″+3.5″ (180mm x 210mm + 80mm) – Small size

The dimensions of this bag are calculated in the following way:

width x height (excluding handles) + gusset (depth of bag when opened)

Quantity: 250 Bags per box

(+/- 10% trade tolerance on size and thickness of bag upon manufacture)



Additional information

Weight12.95 kg

250pcs, 500pcs, 750pcs, 1250pcs, 2500pcs, 5000pcs, 12500pcs, 25000pcs


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