MP Bubble wrap 300mm x 100M (Small) bubble / bubblewrap rolls




Description: ‘MP’ Unbranded bubblewrap incorporates advanced technology. The process seals each air pocket, reducing air escape to the bubble wrap / bubblewrap rolls.

 (Unbranded bubblewrap will NOT tear ‘in a straight line’ across the bubble wrap)

Size: 300mm x 100M 11.8″ x 328′)

Usage: Protecting sharp/delicate objects

(1 bundle = 5 rolls)

Additional information

Weight7.95 kg

1 roll, 2 rolls, 3 rolls, 5 rolls (1 Bundle), 10 rolls (2 Bundles), 20 rolls (4 Bundles), 50 rolls (10 Bundles), 500 Rolls (100 Bundles), 1200 Rolls (240 Bundles)


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