Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam ‘Polylam’ Plank Sheets 1200mm x 2000mm x 50mm




Description: Polylam closed-cell polyethylene (PE) plank foam is easy to fabricate, and is both resilient and non-abrasive. This PE plank foam provides excellent shock and vibration protection during product transport. Polylam foam is also water resistant and has good flotation properties for recreational and sporting applications. It has good thermal insulation properties and has the added benefit of being recyclable. Clean, non abrasive material properties provides superb surface protectionMaximum shock absorption and vibration dampening for excellent cushioning and blocking and bracing.Uniform product with uncompromised dimensional stability is easy to fabricate into a wide range of shapes, forms, and die-cuts.Varying sizes are available, with a range of densities and thicknesses for precise protection for each application need

Size: 47″ x 78″ (1200mm wide x 2000mm length)

Thickness: 2″ (50mm)

Important Note: Large sheet orders will be shipped flat. Please call customer services if you need any further help

Colour: White


Additional information

Weight33.95 kg

1 Sheet, 2 Sheets, 3 Sheets, 8 Sheets, 16 Sheets, 32 Sheets, 80 Sheets


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